General Information - Senior Netball

This website provides a summary of key points only, please refer to the MK Netball Handbook for full details.

Time: Saturday mornings during Term 2 and Term 3.  Game times will vary from year to year depending on the number of teams.  However, Year 7 & 8 teams usually play from 9.00am - 11.00am and Year 5 & 6 teams usually play from 11.00am - 2.00pm.  As a general rule, the higher grades play earlier in the day.

Location:  EBIS Netball Courts, Tacy Street, Kilbirnie

Duration:  7 weeks per term (no play on public holiday weekends such as Queens Birthday and Matariki)

Cancellations:  Will be notified from 8.30am via Facebook.  If no cancellation announcement is made, please assume netball is on


Registration date is notified each year and all registrations must be completed online.

Schools which are smaller or who have a mismatch of numbers of players may join with another school to present in a mixed team, or may combine players from more than one year group.  In this case the team must play in the grade of the highest year-graded player, except where ONE player is a year grade ahead of the others and has not played netball before.  Any exception to this must be approved by the Motu Kairangi Committee by emailing for dispensation.

Boys are allowed to play, however no more than two boys per team (three for year 5/6) may be on the court at any one time and one must be in a defensive role, the other in an attacking role.

Players can only be registered to play for one school.

Teams must play the players who are registered.  If a new player is added to a team during the season the registration (and appropriate subscription) must be paid to Motu Kairangi before the player takes the court.  This may be done on the day at the Motu Kairangi Container.


Term 2 is used as a grading round.  Whilst schools are asked at the time of registration to advise the approximate grade for each team they are entering, the first 7 games are used to reallocate teams, as required.  The first grading round runs for 3 or 4 weeks (depending on the timing of Queens Birthday and Matariki).  Teams will be regraded where there are significant discrepancies and then there will then be a further grading round for 3 or 4 weeks. The competition round takes place in Term 3.

After Term 2, the top 3 teams will join the top teams from other satellites in Wellington and play an Inter-Satellite competition at Hataitai netball courts during Term 3.

Game length

The first pass of the game is determined through paper-scissors-rock between a player from each team.

  • Combined Year 7/8 games are 4 x 10 minute quarters with 2 minutes in between quarters.
  • Combined Year 5/6 games are 4 x 8 minute quarters with 2 minutes in between quarters.

Hooters will be used to broadcast the start, quarter and finish signals for all games.  Teams must be ready in their positions to begin games at the beginning of the round and after every quarter break when the hooter sounds.  Play will commence upon the umpire's whistle.  No concession is made for injury time. 

Only four minutes is allowed between games.  Teams should be assembled beside the court ready to begin as soon as the previous game ends.  (Subject to change depending on Covid-19 alert level).


All players are required to wear their registered team uniform (see link to document on the right) and suitable footwear.  NO item of jewellery, except a medic alert bracelet, shall be worn.  If worn, the bracelet shall be taped. All studs/earrings must be removed and NOT taped for the game. No adornment that may endanger player safety shall be worn.  Fingernails shall be short and smooth. If a player is found to be in breach of these rules, they may not take the court, or will be asked to leave the court.  It is the umpire's responsibility to check all children before the game commences.

Leggings or long-sleeved tops may be worn if they are registered as part of the team uniform.

Umpires and scorers

All teams are required to provide their own MK registered umpire and each team must provide a scorer.  The two scorers should stand together on the sideline.