Umpiring of Senior Netball (Y5-8)

This website provides a summary of key points only, please refer to the MK Netball Handbook for full details.

Teams to provide umpires
Every team must provide a registered MK umpire for each game (which means they need to have done a MK umpire course in the last three years, or something of similar nature).  Any team that fails to provide a registered umpire for any game will be considered to have defaulted, although the game may continue as a "friendly" game using only the opposing team's umpire or an unregistered umpire.  (Note: if neither team provides a registered umpire, zero points will be awarded).  The situation must be reported to the Container by the defaulting team before the beginning of the game.  The team that fails to provide an umpire will also be fined $40.

All umpires must have attended and passed an umpiring course within the last three years and have the minimum qualifications of "Introduction to Umpiring".

Umpires are required to check the OTHER team and not their own for jewellery, fingernails etc as they are trained to do so in the courses.  Score cards must be checked by both umpires during the breaks, any inconsistencies are dealt with immediately.

At the end of the game, each umpire must sign the score card and clearly print their name.

Umpire Workshops
Umpiring courses are held at the beginning of each season.  Details can be found on our Facebook page and will be emailed to your school delegate, and are on our calendar.

There is a refresher training on Wednesday 11 May 2022, 6:30pm - 7:30pm by Zoom.

To register, complete this sporty form to be sent Zoom link (link to be updated).

Duty Umpires
There is a Duty Umpire available during play that can be approached by any member of the public to assist with umpiring queries.  If there are any umpiring concerns please contact the Duty Umpire immediately.  They can be identified by their hi-visibility orange jacket or inquire at the Container.  Note that the Duty Umpire is not available to umpire games where an umpire has not been provided, they are there to keep the game running smoothly and to be there to assist umpire at the time of play.

Neutral Umpires
Coaches of any teams in the Y5/6A Grade, the Y7/8A and 7/8B Grades are not permitted to umpire their team's games and must provide a separate umpire.