School Coordinator and School Delegate Roles

As the school coordinator, your role is to:

  • Ensure all Motu Kairangi communications are relayed between the school, coaches, parents and players
  • Attend all compulsory delegate meetings called by the Management Committee, plus the AGM
  • Relay, receive and take appropriate action on any complaints to or from Motu Kairangi Netball
  • Register players and advise player and team details to Motu Kairangi Netball.

For senior netball, there are additional responsibilities:

  • Ensure umpires are available for all your games and that they are capable of overseeing the level of game.  Note that your school will be fined $40 each time you fail to provide a registered umpire for your game
  • Ensure the school fulfils its duties when rostered on Court Duty.  Failure of the school to fulfil these duties will incur a fine of $20 for each adult missing
  • Advise any defaults with plenty of notice.  Default of a game without satisfactory notice will incur a $50 game default
  • Collate all umpire registration information for your school and return to Motu Kairangi Netball by cut off date to: