Year 8 Kiwi Whistler Programme

If you love netball... are keen to umpire and extend your skills... then learn to be a netball umpire!

The Kiwi Whistler Programme is for Year 8 netball players only who are training to become umpires.  The course has two parts - 6 pre-season sessions and then practical sessions umpiring competition games.  And the course is free!

A maximum of 12 Kiwi Whistlers may be on the programme so you must register to secure a place.  It is open to all boys and girls who are currently in Year 8 and belong to one of our registered schools.

​​​​​​​Registrations for 2024

Registrations have now opened for 2024. Please see the link below

Note: if there are more than 12 registrations for the programme, then children with mentors will be accepted over those who do not have one, due to the high demand for this course.


  • Student in Year 8 and interested in umpiring netball and must attend one of the MK registered schools
  • Committed to attend ALL theory and practical sessions.
  • Have an adult mentor who is an experienced umpire and has been approved by MK.  They must attend ALL practical games with you.
  • Have a good quality whistle, hair tie, loud voice and positive can-­do attitude (bring pen and paper to all theory sessions).

Pre-season - Theory and Practical
There are 6 x pre-season sessions. The will be held on Fridays from 3:30 - 5:00pm at the ASB Sports Arena in Kilbirnie, and are run by Sue Geale from Netball Wellington Centre.

The first four sessions are theory only and the last two are practice practical sessions with a theory refresher beforehand. 

Dates for 2024 (TBC) are:

  • 8 March (Theory)
  • 15 March (Theory)
  • 22 March (Theory)
  • 5 April (Theory)
  • 12 April (Theory and Practical)
  • 3 May (Theory and Practical)

Games - Practical 
The first practical session will be the first Saturday of the MK winter competition, and these will continue on the following Saturdays throughout the winter season.  Mentors must be present at all games you umpire.

In term 2, Kiwi Whistlers will be assigned to umpire games in the Year 5/6 grade by the Kiwi Whistler Coordinator (replacing one or both school umpires for the day).  Year 5/6 teams play at approximately: 11.30am, 12.20pm or 1.10pm on a Saturday - game times are to be confirmed once team registrations have been received for the season.

As Kiwi Whistlers gain in competency and confidence, they will be moved to umpire year 7/8 games.

Note: Kiwi Whistlers do not get paid/koha for umpiring. However, the course will stand them in good stead if they wish to umpire in future years at which time they may received a koha from the team they are umpiring.

Each Kiwi Whistler MUST have an adult Mentor who attends games during their practical training to provide support and feedback. Mentors must commit to the season of practical training and should attend the first theory session with you.

Your Mentor must be approved by MK and must be a confident, experienced umpire who can help you learn.

If you are struggling to find a mentor then MK Netball may be able to find a mentor at your cost ($10 per Saturday game in Terms 2 and 3).