Game Rules and Information

​​​​​​​This website provides a summary of key points only, please refer to the MK Netball Handbook for full details.

Game format

  • Year 5 & 6 Game

This modified game is part of the Woolworths futureFerns programme and introduces the tactical side of netball while still providing ample opportunities for players to develop their fundamental netball skills at all positions in a fun non-competitive environment.

The 6v6 game is fast and provides players with lots of touches on the ball to enhance skill development and enjoyment.  With only three positions on each team, but still played on a full size court it means the game is less complicated for children and easier for coaches to ensure the players learn the skills relevant to all positions and to provide them with equal opportunities.  Players rotate to prevent early specialisation in positions.  The emphasis is on all players getting plenty of touches of the ball and the opportunity to develop a broad skill set.

See details of the game to the right.

  • Year 7 & 8 Game

Year 7 & 8 players play 7 aside netball with standard netball rules (except where modified by the MK Netball Handbook).

Defaulting games

For a team to take the court they must have a minimum of five registered players.  Players must only play for the school that they have registered for.  If a team does not have at least five players, they must default and notify Motu Kairangi as soon as possible, but no later than lunchtime (noon) on the Friday before, by emailing:  The school that needs to default should also give as much notice as possible to the opposing team/school.  A default without appropriate notification will incur a $50 fine which will be invoiced to your school.

If you need to default on the Saturday, please get someone to advise the Container as early as possible.  Defaults will be noted on the scorecard and the draw (on the notice board) and the default fine will apply.

If the opposing team has not taken its place on court 1 minute after the start of the round the game will be deemed to have been defaulted, except in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the committee.

If the defaulting team takes the court with players from another school or a higher grade the game can be played as a friendly one.  The score card should be written on by the umpire to indicate which team has defaulted.


The team sign-in sheet is to be completed before a team can take to the court.  Information on substitutes should be provided on this sheet.

Players may not substitute in any grade below the one they are registered in.  Players can be substituted in to play in a higher grade a maximum of two times only during the season.  So, for example a player from Y5/6 B Grade can play for Y5/6 A Grade. However, a player from the Y5/6 A Grade cannot play down in the Y5/6 B Grade.  This also applies to players in any teams promoted to the inter-Satellite Competition – these players cannot then play back down in the Y7/8 A Grade.

If a player substitutes in one of her/his school teams which is in a higher grade on three occasions, that player may not return to play in the lower grade for the rest of the season.  After that time, if a player is found to be playing in the lower graded team, she/he will be asked to leave the court and the team will be deemed to have defaulted the game. If the transgression is discovered after the game the team will forfeit the game points.