The Committee


The committee is made up of volunteers and representatives from within the schools registered with Motu Kairangi and also people who have been associated with MK over time.  The Saturday netball competition is only made possible by the hard work, energy and the dedication of these wonderful people.

In addition to the elected Executive Committee, sub-committees may be set up to have responsibility for various parts of the operations of Motu Kairangi.  These sub-committees report to the monthly meetings of the Executive Committee. 

Every affiliated school must have at least one representative on either the Executive Committee or a Sub-committee. 

If you would like to find out more about the committees or would like to fill a role please email:

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is responsible for running Motu Kairangi on a yearly basis and also for making the rules of the Association.  From time to time a situation might arise that is not covered by the printed rules or Constitution. The Executive Committee reserves the right to deliberate on such matters and introduce new rules as and when required.

Each year at the Annual General Meeting a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are elected.  A Executive Committee is determined at the Delegates Meeting.  

Chair - TBC
Secretary - TBC
Treasurer - Jane Lamb (Evans Bay Intermediate School)
Junior Coordinator - Jo Graham (Lyall Bay School)
Winter Coordinator - TBC
Court controller
Court Controller - Mai Couper (Not associated with a school)

Senior Sub-Committee
This committee runs the Senior Season in Term 2 and Term 3:

Court Controller - Mai Couper (Not associated with a school)
Coaching Training - TBC
Draws/Grading - Ally Faleolo (St Patrick's School)
Umpiring Training - TBC
Year 7/8 Development Programmes - TBC  
Kiwi Whistlers - TBC