Coach development and resources

futureFerns workshops for coaches

These are FREE workshops for coaches to attend.  By attending, coaches gain access to resources which include pre-planned training sessions along with warm-up, cool-down and other information specific to their appropriate junior modified game.  In addition those attending receive guidance on how to interpret the resource, deliver a quality session and tips for instructing their particular age group.  Whether new to netball, returning after some time away from the sport, coaxed from the sideline to help coach or seeking a refresher before the season starts - it's highly recommended to attend so as to boost your confidence and be reassured you're well-supported in your coaching role. 

  • Wednesday 24 April Year 5-8 Coaching Workshop – run by NWC 6-8pm @ Hataitai courts
  • Registration will open April 1st!


Coaches and managers looking for fresh ideas, resources and templates, visit the NWC website – features Team Formation & Selecting resource6v6 to 7v7 game transitionfutureFERNS player rotation spreadsheetsCoaching Diary, and Introduction to Team Managing

On the right is a document setting out respective roles of coaches and managers. This is a Word document so that you can edit it for your own school.

For drills and skills, check out Sports Plan!