Health & Safety at the Courts

Health and Safety Plan

Motu Kairangi has identified health and safety hazards and prepared a plan to manage these. This plan has responsibilties for both Motu Kairangi and those participating in the sport (players and supporters). We encourage everyone to know the emergency procedures such as where the evacuation assembly point is in the event of a tsunami (spoiler = the green space at the top of Crawford Rd).

First Aid
A basic first aid kit (including ice) is kept in the Container.  Teams are required to provide their own full first aid kit, including nail clippers, as part of that team's resources.  The first aid kit should have a good supply of gloves to prevent cross infection.

Teams should be aware of any medical conditions of their players and have a process to deal with it in case of injury. The following items can be found in our Container, but please ask first - do not just help yourself:

  • Full First Aid kits
  • Ice / Ice Packs
  • Fire Extinguisher

A qualified First Aid person is on site for all games and they have completed a CPR course.  

Any serious incident resulting in an injury requiring medical attention on the day or afterwards must be reported to Motu Kairangi Netball. Please use the Incident Report form on the right.


At the start of the netball day MK will review the courts for any hazards. Hazards identified, if required, will be cordoned off using cones and/or a notice. If you notice any hazards; you observe or are involved in a health and safety incident, please let our MK Coordinator know ASAP.  You can use the Hazard Report form on the right to provide details.


From 4 April 2022, the Motu Kairangi competition will no longer require vaccine passes for adults in attendance.

From 25 March 2022 limits on numbers at the courts and the requirement to scan QR codes have been removed.  However, we ask you to please continue to follow safe practices:

  • Please enter through the gate nearest your court
  • We encourage social distancing and mask wearing for those not on court. 
  • Please do not come if you are showing any signs of ill health.