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MK Handbook and Rules

Motu Kairangi Netball - Disputes

Disputes and Disciplinary Action

Team Management and schools are asked to make the contents of both the Players' and Spectators' Codes of Conduct widely known.


Should a dispute arise or an untoward incident occur relating to a game or team, the Duty Umpire, a member of the court control team or a Management Committee member should be informed, preferably while the incident is occurring so that, whenever possible, matters can be resolved at the time. 


No complaint is to be written into the Red Book in the Control Room.


If, after discussion with the committee member, the matter is unresolved, the dispute decision tree must be worked through and if necessary, the complaint made in writing via the School Delegate and received by the MK Netball Committee by the following Wednesday (4 days after the game).  The letter should be emailed to: or posted to: Motu Kairangi Netball, P O Box 14-735, Wellington.


Only complaints that are received in writing and forwarded to the MK Netball Committee via the School Delegate will be accepted.


The MK Netball Committee will consider the complaint in a timely manner.