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MK Handbook and Rules

Motu Kairangi Netball - Game Information

MK Netball Handbook and Rules

Click on the document below to view our 2015 MK Netball Handbook and Rules.

MK Netball Handbook and Rules

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New Team Player Registration Form

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Game and Player Information

All players, schools and adults associated with teams registered with Motu Kairangi must comply with Motu Kairangi rules.

Motu Kairangi is divided into grades that follow the school class years.  The grades are Year 5, Year 6 and a combined Year 7 and 8 grade.

Schools which are smaller or who have a mismatch of numbers of players may join with another school to present in a mixed team, or may combine players from more than one year group.  In this case the team must play in the grade of the highest year-graded player, except where ONE player is a year grade ahead of the others and has not played netball before.  Any exception to this must be approved by the Motu Kairangi Committee upon written application.

Boys are allowed to play, however no more than two boys per team may be on the court at any one time and one must be in a defensive role, the other in an attack role.

Players can only be registered to play for one school.

Registration date is notified each year and completed registration forms, together with subscriptions, must be forwarded to the Committee by the due date.  Registrations may not be accepted for schools whose delegate has not attended the compulsory Managment Committee Delegate's meeting held prior to the commencement of the season, or volunteered for a duty.

Teams must play the players who are registered.  If a new player is added to a team during the season the registration (and appropriate subscription) must be paid to Motu Kairangi before the player takes the court.  This may be done on the day at the Motu Kairangi Control Room.

All teams must have a minimum of 5 players to start the game.  If a team is not on the court within the first 1 minute of playing time the game must be defaulted.  Teams are to change end (direction) at the end of each quarter.

Game Draws advising opposition, time and court number are published throughout the season, and are available on our website.  A copy of the draw is also posted outside the Control Room.

All players are required to wear the correct uniform and suitable footwear.  NO item of jewellery, except a medic alert bracelet, shall be worn.  Studs/earrings must be removed and NOT taped for the game.  If worn, the bracelet shall be taped.  No adornment that may endanger player safety shall be worn.  Fingernails shall be short and smooth.  If a player is found to be in breach of these rules, they may not take the court, or will be asked to leave the court.

Game Format

Year 6 and the combined Year 7/8 games are 4 x 10 minute quarters with 2 minutes between quarters.

ANZ futureFERNS (Year 5 and Year 6) games are 4 x 8 minute quarters with 3-5-3 minutes in between quarters.

Hooters will be used to broadcast the start, quarter and finish signals for all games.

Only four minutes is allowed between games.  Teams should be assembled beside the court ready to begin as soon as the previous game ends.

Teams must be ready in their positions to begin games at the beginning of the round and after every quarter break when the hooter sounds.  Play will commence upon the umpire's whistle.

No concession is made for injury time.  Please refer to the paragraph on "Injuries" further down this page.

Facilities, Courts and Access

Motu Kairangi Netball is based at Evans Bay Intermediate School, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie.

Parking is available outside the main school entrance at Kemp Street or on the roadside of Tacy Street, Kilbirnie.

There are seven playing courts and ususally one practice court, though this court may sometimes be in play.

The Control Room is for the use of court controllers and officials only. 

Only Authorised Personnel are permitted inside the Control Room. 

No children are permitted in the Control Room except when authorised by a management Committee Member.

Notices and draws will be displayed on a notice board outside the Control Room door.

Toilets and drinking fountains are available in the school at the rear of the Astroturf (green) court area.  We are grateful that Evans Bay Intermediate provides these facilities for our use.  Please respect them.

No animals are permitted in Evans Bay Intermediate School grounds.

No bicycles, scooters or skateboards are permitted on the courts during competition play.

Please ensure the courts are kept clear while play is under way.

No fundraising ventures are permitted at the courts during normal Saturday play except those authorised by the Motu Kairangi Management Committee.

Motu Kairangi Netball is a smoke free organisation and Evans Bay Intermediate School has a Smoke Free Policy that bans smoking anywhere in the school grounds and all court areas and surrounds.

Uniform and Presentation

All players are to be dressed in their registered team uniform while playing.  Team uniforms may be either:

  1. Skirt, shirt, and appropriate sports shoes, or
  2. Shorts, shirt, and appropriate sports shoes, or
  3. Netball dress and appropriate sports shoes

Each player must be wearing an appropriate bib indicating his or her position.  Short-sleeved (above the elbow) polyprop tops, preferably black or white, may be worn under uniform tops.  Bike shorts or short black polyprops (not coloured or striped) may be worn under skirts, but must not be longer than knee length.

Leggings, jeans or track pants are NOT to be worn, and any player disregarding this ruling may be asked to leave the court.

All players are asked to play in appropriate footwear for safety reasons.  This is particularly important in the older age groups, where play is much faster. 

A Shoe Exchange box (next to the Lost Property box) has been established for players who arrive at the courts without netball shoes.  Players can loan shoes for a game and return them afer their game is finished.  Shoe spray is available to prevent the spread of infection.  If your child has any old shoes they no longer fit we would love you to donate them to our shoe exchange, simply place them in the box provided in the Control Room.

Defaulting Games

For a team to take the court they must have a minimum of 5 registered players.  If not, they must default and notify Motu Kairangi as soon as possible, but no later than lunchtime (noon) on the Friday before, by emailing:  The school that needs to default should also give as much notice as possible to the opposing team/school.

If you need to default on the Saturday, please get someone to advise the Control Room as early as possible.  Defaults will be noted on the scorecard and the draw (on the notice board) and the default fine will apply.

If the opposing team has not taken its palce on court 1 minute after the start of the round the game will be deemed to have been defaulted.

If the defaulting team takes the court with players from another school or a higher grade the game can be played as a friendly one.  The score card should be written on by the umpire to indicate which team has defaulted.


Players in Y6 and Y7/8 games may not substitute in any grade below the one they are registered in.  This rule does not apply to Y4 and Y5 games as they are non-competitive.  Players can be substituted in to play in a higher grade a maximum of two times only during the season.  So, for example, a player from Y6B Grade can play for Y6A Grade, however a player from the Y6A Grade cannot play down in the Y6B Grade.  This also applies to players in any teams promoted to the Satellite Competition - these players cannot then play back down in the Y7/8A Grade.

If a player substitues in one of her/his school teams which is in a higher grade on three occasions, that player may not return to play in the lower grade for the rest of the season.  After that time, if a player is found to be playing in the lower graded team, she/he will be asked to leave the court and the team will be deemed to have defaulted the game.  If the transgression is discovered after the game the team will forfeit the game points.

First Aid

A basic first aid kit (including ice) is kept in the Control Room.  Teams are required to provide their own full first aid kit, including nail clippers, as part of that team's resources.  The first aid kit should have a good supply of gloves to prevent cross infection.


A game maybe stopped for an injury and until the situation has been resolved.  Where possible move an injured player from the court to allow the game to continue.  A substitute may replace an injured player.  The injured player cannot return to court until there is a break in play.  If in any doubt about moving a player consult any first aider who may be present.

Any player with an open wound or any sort of bleeding must leave the court immediately and not return until the bleeding is controlled and the wound has been dressed.  Blood on the ball and court must also be washed away.  Water is available from the Control Room if required.

All team members and supporters should be aware of appropriate measures to prevent contact with blood and body fluids of an injured person.

  • No extra time can be given to make up for delays
  • Cover all open wounds
  • Use water to clean any blood from the ball and/or court

Lost Property

Lost property will be kept in the Control Room and displayed on fine Saturdays.  At the end of the season all remaining lost property will be donated to a local charity.


Motu Kairangi Netball cannot take any responsibility for lost valuables or property.  Teams are advised to have a supporter who can carry all valuables for a team during games.