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2006 Year 8 Represents Team at a Morley Dorne Tournament in Levin

2006 Year 7 Represents Team at Wellington Netball Centre

2007 Year 7 Represents Team at Wellington Netball Centre

2009 Rep Team at EBIS having team photo

2009 Rep Team at EBIS having a team photo

2009 Rep Team at EBIS having a fun photo

2009 Rep Team at EBIS having a fun photo

Motu Kairangi Netball - Our History


In 2016 ...

The weather was unusually bad over the winter season with the Year 7/8 Grade and Year 6 Grade being cancelled 3 times, and the Year 5 Future Ferns Grade being cancelled 5 times.  Most of these games were made up later in the season by playing a double round of games over two weekends using the EBIS Courts and the Hataitai Courts.

The winter season had 107 teams made up of 980 players register. The lower number of players in comparison to other years is due to Year 4's no longer being part of the winter netball programme (and are instead included in the ANZ futureFERNS Netball programme in Terms 1 and 4).

Two days before the start of the winter netball season Wellington was hit by a storm which damaged Courts 6 & 7 by peeling back the astro turf.  This made both courts unplayable for the first three weeks of the winter season.  Thankfully Netball Wellington Centre were able to support MK by providing extra netball courts at Hataitai for the first three rounds of play.  MK also ran an extra round of games at the end of the day to ensure all teams played their games on the same day.

In Term 1 Motu Kairangi Netball included Year 4 children in the ANZ futureFERNS programme for the first time. Because of this our winter netball season now starts from Year 5 and no longer has a Year 4 Grade.  In Term 1, 35 players registered for the Year 1 & 2 programme, and 190 players registered for the Year 3 & 4 programme from 17 schools. In Term 4, 103 players registered for the Year 1 & 2 programme, and 191 players registered for the Year 3 & 4 programme from 22 schools. 


In 2015 ...

126 teams made up of 1128 players registered.

At the beginning of the winter season Motu Kairangi Netball provided mentors for our umpires for the first three rounds of play.  This support proved invaluable as the mentors were able to affirm where the umpires were doing a good job, and highlight any areas the umpires needed to work on.

all in a positive way as we believe all our umpires want to do a good job and be good umpires. 

Motu Kairangi Netball held a Mini Tournament at the end of the Grading Round in Term 2 (as the scheduled Wet Weather Contingency Day wasn't required). This gave teams across all grades the opportunity to play against other teams they wouldn't normally play against on a Saturday.

Motu Kairangi Netball released their first ANZ futureFERNS programme in Term 4. 150 registered for the Year 1 & 2 programme, and 60 registered for the Year 3 programme. This is Netball New Zealand's new official Junior Netball Programme for children aged from Years 1 to 4.


In 2014 ...

120 teams made up of 1071 players registered.

We decided to no longer use the radio for netball cancellation announcements.

Motu Kairangi Netball created both Facebook and Twitter accounts.  This made it a lot easier to communicate to the wider netball community, especially when needing to announce game cancellations.

It was decided to change the wet weather contingency days into scheduled game days.  This has lengthened the grading round and competition round from seven games to eight games per round, in the hope this will give the players more game time each season.  It also means for the first time ever, MK Netball scheduled games in the first weekend of the holidays at the end of the grading round.

It was also decided the "Motu Kairangi Handbook and Rules" (also known as "The Bluebook") would no longer be printed and would instead only be available to view on the MK website.  The money saved by not printing will be used to further develop the training and mentoring we offer to our Players, Coaches and Umpires.


In 2013...

114 teams made up of 1009 players registered.

It was decided to make all games a four-quarter game. This was so all players get used to playing netball the way it's supposed to be played, right from when they first start playing netball.  It has made our Saturday's longer with the day starting at 8:30am and finishing at 4:00pm.

It was also decided to change the Year 7 and Year 8 grades from two separate grades into one combined Year 7/8 grade.  This enables smaller schools to find enough players to make up a team.  It also gives schools the opportunity to create teams made up of players with similiar ability levels.  And by combining the two year groups it has resulted in there being more grades, which gives teams the opportunity to register in a grade which suits their skills level.


In 1994 we grew  . . .

"Mr Malcolm Baxter, principal at that time was approached for use of EBIS (Evans Bay Intermediate School), we had 45 school teams registered ... thats was over 400 hundred players ... our top players were entered in various tournaments ... and we brought home trophies, big thanks to our players and supports ..."


It all started in 1992 . . .

"Games played on Saturday mornings was started in 1992 by E. Such and a handful of friends and parents ... there were no facilities or clubs available for young players ..."


The following is from a Chairpersons report in 1994 and gives a brief and informative report on the first years at Motu Kairangi. A great little read . . . enjoy.


1994 Co-ordinators Report By E. Such

The Motu Kairangi Inter-school Netball games on Saturday mornings was started in 1992 by myself and a handful of friends and parents when it was found there were no facilities or clubs available for young female players 8 to 12 years of age.

With much appreciation to the Holy Cross School Principal Mrs Jacky Dromgool and School Board of Trustees, we discovered Robyn Boldarin and were given permission to use the then Marist Holy Cross Tennis Courts as our venue.

With 18 teams to cater for then the facilities were ideal.  Three courts, room for parking and even a pavilion to make cups of tea and enjoy watching the skills of our very young and enthusiastic players.

In 1993, the number of teams entered doubled from our first year to 36 teams.  With only three courts available and one small court for our tiny ones we were feeling the pinch with game times going after 1.00pm.

In anticipation of even more school teams entering for the 1994 season, it was decided to approach the Evans Bay Intermediate School Principal, Mr Malcolm Baxter, about the use of our present facilities which has potential for development towards six courts, toilet facilities and a small administration office in the future.

The Motu Kairangi Netball games for 1994 were played for the first time at our new venue, Evans Bay Intermediate School Netball Courts.

We catered for 45 school netball teams – that’s over 400 players!  We also entered our top players into three away from home tournaments, Hutt Valley, Masterton and Levin.  Our players were well supported thanks to parents and brought home trophies much to the credit of the Motu Kairangi Netball games.

Before commencing the games there were a couple of problems to fix up, and that was to extend the hoops as they were too low, and we had to purchase a pair of adjustable hoops for our standard two teams.

We rostered schools for umpiring for the first time which went quite well except when there was a couple of cancellations where things became confused as to who was supposed to do the umpiring.  We hope to iron out those problems this year.

The organising control and caretaking has been in the past left to myself, my husband and a handful of volunteers.  Thanks to friends who have since left the area and to those who are still dedicated to seeing our young players enjoy the game of Netball.  Still with us is Robyn Boldarin, who has been a valuable friend and main key to the continuation of these games.

With so many teams to cater for now, it is impossible for only a handful of volunteers to cope with the organising, controlling and caretaking, that we must simply put more responsibility on school teams participating.  In that I mean umpiring, and rostered duties.  Hopefully the new members selected for our committee tonight will be able to organise a programme making valuable improvements towards organising and controlling the Netball games including away from home tournaments.

We do have a problem with the changing of adjustable hoops and poles in that we have only one person dedicated to changing the poles every Saturday.  This creates a delay.  It is anticipated that even more teams will be participating this season and therefore I ask do we need to change the hoops?  I believe the hoops are never changed at the Hataitai courts when primary schools compete up there.  If that is the case either more persons be available to swap the hoops or leave all hoops as normal height.  One must also consider that the adjustable hoops must be dismantled at the end of the day.

Although the weather wasn’t too bad last season, controlling the Netball for most of the day without a roof over our heads is a task.  The cold does set in which proves an urgent need towards a shelter of some sort.

For the future development of Motu Kairangi Netball, we have considered making Motu Kairgangi Netball an Incorporated Society in that we may be able to apply for grants, etc.  A constitution has been grafted by Sue Ryall for our new Committee to inspect and consider.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Evans Bay Intermediate School Principal, Mr Malcolm Baxter, and the School Board of Trustees and Staff for their co-operation and support given to the Motu Kairangi Netball Organisation, and we are looking forward to their continuing support in the future.

I would also like to thank those parents and teachers who dedicated their time into co-ordinating and coaching their school teams.

We look forward to having an enjoyable season and participation as we have had in the past.

E. Such