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MK Handbook and Rules

Motu Kairangi Netball - Codes of Conduct

All involved at Motu Kairangi Netball are expected to follow the spirit and ethics of the Code of Conduct.  Failure to do so can result in person(s) being asked to leave the courts.


Players' Code of Conduct

  • Be a good sport.  Cheer all players whether they are in your team or the other team.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
  • Play for the "fun of it" and not just to please parents and coaches.
  • Play by the rules.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team.  Your team's performance will benefit, and so will you.
  • Co-operate with your coach, team mates and opponents.  Without them there would be no game.
  • Remove all jewellery, be sure you've trimmed your nails, and remove chewing gum before your game.  This is for your and others safety.
  • Avoid bad language, arguing with umpires or ridiculing anyone on court.


Coaches Code of Conduct

  • Nurture your team's love of the sport and their appreciation of physical activity. 
  • Ensure your players are ready to take the court at the required time (e.g. jewellery removed, sharp headbands and decorative clips removed, fingernails cut, etc.)
  • Teach and encourage players to understand the rules of the game.
  • Develop team respect for your own team and your opponents.
  • Be reasonable in your demands on young players' time, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Avoid over-playing the talented players.  The "just average" players need and deserve equal time.
  • Remember that children play for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only part of their motivation.  Never ridicule or yell at the children for mistakes or losing a game.
  • The scheduling, intensity and length of practice times should take into consideration the maturity level of the children.
  • Follow the advice of a doctor when determining when an injured player is ready to recommence play.
  • Make a personal commitment to keep yourself informed of sound coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of children.
  • Respect decisions and rulings from umpires, co-umpires and court officials.


Parents and Spectators' Code of Conduct

  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using foul language or yelling at or harassing players, coaches, officials or umpires.
  • Show respect for your team's opponents.  Without them there would be no game.
  • Encourage players to play according to the rules and umpires' decisions.
  • Children play organised sports for fun.  They are not playing for the entertainment of spectators only, nor are they miniature professionals.
  • Applaud good performance and efforts by your team AND the opponents.
  • Congratulate both teams upon their performance regardless of the game's outcome.
  • Respect the umpires and officials decision.  If there is a disagreement, follow the appropriate procedure in order to question the decision and teach the children to do likewise.
  • Never ridicule or criticise a child for making a mistake during a game.  Positive comments are motivational.
  • Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches, umpires and officials and encourage your child to appreciate their efforts.  They give their time and resources freely to provide recreational activities for the children and deserve your support.
  • The Motu Kairangi Management Committee reserves the right to exclude any parent or spectator who does not abide by this Code of Conduct, for a period set at the Committee's discretion.