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MK Handbook and Rules

Motu Kairangi Netball - Location

Facilities, Courts and Access

Motu Kairangi Netball is based at Evans Bay Intermediate School, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie.

Parking is available outside the main school entrance at Kemp Street or on the roadside of Tacy Street, Kilbirnie.

There are seven playing courts and ususally one practice court, though this court may sometimes be in play.

The Control Room is for the use of court controllers and officials only. 

Only Authorised Personnel are permitted inside the Control Room. 

No children are permitted in the Control Room except when authorised by a management Committee Member.

Notices and draws will be displayed on a notice board outside the Control Room door.

Toilets and drinking fountains are available in the school at the rear of the Astroturf (green) court area.  We are grateful that Evans Bay Intermediate provides these facilities for our use.  Please respect them.

No animals are permitted in Evans Bay Intermediate School grounds.

No bicycles, scooters or skateboards are permitted on the courts during competition play.

Please ensure the courts are kept clear while play is under way.

No fundraising ventures are permitted at the courts during normal Saturday play except those authorised by the Motu Kairangi Management Committee.

Motu Kairangi Netball is a smoke free organisation and Evans Bay Intermediate School has a Smoke Free Policy that bans smoking anywhere in the school grounds and all court areas and surrounds.


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