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Motu Kairangi Netball - future ferns

New 6v6 Netball Game Format for Year 5 and Year 6 

2017 saw the introduction of the new 6v6 competition for the Year 5 players to continue their development and understanding of the game.

Year 5 teams took part in the new 6v6 game in 2017 and Year 6 teams will change to 6v6 from 2018.

This modified game will introduce the tactical side of Netball while still providing ample opportunities for players to develop their fundamental netball skills at all positions in a fun non-competitive environment.

The 6v6 game is fast and provides players with lots of touches on the ball to enhance skill development and enjoyment.  With only three positions on each team, but still played on a full size court it means the game is less complicated for children and easier for coaches to ensure the players learn the skills relevant to all positions and to provide them with equal opportunities.  Players rotate to prevent early specialisation in positions.  The emphasis is on all players getting plenty of touches of the ball and the opportunity to develop a broad skill set.

For more information, please click on one of the documents below or click here to go to the ANZ futureFERNS Year 5 and Year 6 webpage.

ANZ futureFERNS - Game Information Brochure

ANZ futureFERNS - 6v6 Netball Rules













Future Ferns Registration Form

Please click on the document link below to access the Future Ferns Registration Form.

This form must be completed by the Team Coach/Manager each week showing which position each team member is playing, then handed in at the side window of the Control Room (container) before each game.

ANZ futureFERNS - Game Information Brochure


Future Ferns School Duty Roster

The Future Ferns School Duty Roster won't be available until early in Term 2. 

Please click on the document below to view the Future Ferns School Duty Roster for the 2016 season.

ANZ futureFERNS - 6v6 Netball Rules


Future Ferns Description of Duties

If you would like to know what tasks are required of you when your school is on Future Ferns Duty, please click on the document below.


Future Ferns General Information

Year 5 play Future Ferns Netball.  Netball Wellington rules (which we follow) stipulate that children in Year 4 and below may not be included in Future Ferns teams without applying for a dispensation from the MK Committee.

Future Ferns Netball is a modified form of netball in that it is played with lower goal posts (2.6m), a size 4 ball is used and players must rotate positions each week. 

Rotation is designed to allow young players to experience playing in different positions, learning both attacking and defending skills.

All players should get the opportunity to play one full game (or at least a half game depending on the numbers in the team) at every position each term.

Players are NOT required to rotate positions DURING a game. It is preferable that a player plays a full game at one position.

HOWEVER if you have more than 7 players you may wish to substitute players at half time (between the second and third quarters).

It is NOT recommended that players are substituted or rotated at the end of the first quarter or third quarter.

Future Ferns games are 4 x 8 minute quarters with 1-2-1 minutes in between quarters.

Teams change ends at the beginning of each quarter.

Future Ferns netball teams are required to register their team's playing positions with the Future Ferns Coordinator each Saturday before their game. 

Spot checks will be carried out during the games to ensure rotation is taking place correctly each week. 

This form is included in the school registration packs issued at the AGM and on this website page (refer to the Future Ferns Registration form above). 

It is recommended that players only rotate at half time (between the second and third quarters) for ease of play.

Rotation Diagram

All coaches/managers must rotate player positions weekly, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. 

This may be done as set out in the diagram below. 

In a 7-player team, each player over the first 7 week rounds must play each position, with no player playing the same position over these 7 weeks.  The same applies to the second round of games.

Where there are more than seven players, a player may be rostered off and not play all positions, but must not play any position more than once. 

If a player plays 1/2 a game at one position they may play another 1/2 a game at that same position on another week.